Women in Art
29 May 2020

Women in Business

The Women in Business program helps women led small-medium sized enterprises the know-how they need to grow and promote women owned, led and empowered businesses.

Past Events:


Educational Classes
In educational classes, we invite successful business men and women as mentors to teach business skills to participants. Our classes are practical and students can develop their own business plan during each semester.

Each semester is a three-month course and participants will learn different skills such as market research, marketing, finance, sales, leadership, etc.

WEP funds its educational classes and most of other programs by the fees, grants, and sponsorship.
WEP trained about 180 women entrepreneurs in 15 rounds of educational classes in 2019. More ... 
Women Entrepreneurship Program at Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce offers multiple in-person and virtual programs and workshops weekly, helping you navigate your personal and professional future, and allowing you to tune in from anywhere.

These members-only events and experiences are designed to help you develop new relationships and meet members of the WEP community. More ... 
Speaker Series
WEP arranges a Q & A session monthly, in which we invite some of our mentors or other successful experts in business, to have a panel discussion with participants on specific subjects such as leadership, marketing, and creativity.

In these sessions participants can have interactive discussion about their concerns and ask their questions. More ... 
Networking Events
WEP creates communities and creates change and impact. We hold networking events to make it easier for successful business men and women to find each other and even make it possible for WEP students to be able to communicate and collaborate with successful leaders.

WEP also have a graduation ceremony for educational classes’ graduates at the end of each semester in quarterly networking events.

Networking events are also great opportunities for WEP’s sponsors to grow their business, expand their relations, and find new customers and partners for their business among ISCC and WEP’s rich community.

WEP’s first networking event was on International Women’s Day in 2019. ISCC’s members and WEP’s partners participated in the event and WEP students also graduated.

WEP’s latest networking event was a Christmas celebration and last round students’ graduation ceremony. Ambassador of Australia to Iran was one of the speakers in this event. More ... 
Technical & Educational Trips
Every year WEP sends a delegation of women entrepreneurs to European countries to get familiar with different business structures around the world and bring new ideas to implement in their own business.

WEP sent a delegation of Iranian women to Switzerland in 2019, to study and get familiar with education system in Switzerland. More ... 
Women Entrepreneurship Program at Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce is holding space for courageous discussions and meaningful dialogue around the events that have recently occurred.

We want to create a safe space for open conversation to happen and to be there for our community.
In Women Entrepreneurship Program membership fellowship, WEP calls all women to try their chance and submit their request for the fellowship to become a member of WEP's rich community of active women in different fields of activities.

WEP chooses around 20 women each year to use this fellowship and become a member of the program.

In 2020, WEP has chosen 16 well deserved women to become members. More ... 

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