WEP Fellowship
21 September 2020
“Lead With WEP”
7 November 2020

WEP Fellowship


Improving the nutritional status of vulnerable young children significantly impacts their growth. The COVID-19 Pandemic has reduced access to and the affordability of healthy diets which translates into less diverse meals particularly among vulnerable young children. As a result, one of the main areas of intervention to reduce the secondary impact of COVID-19 is improving food security for these beneficiaries.

Ministry of Interior and UNICEF Iran in partnership with Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and its members has developed an effective intervention of Food Packages targeting under five children who are at risk of undernutrition in less-advantaged provinces.

Thanks to the great contribution of our members we could successfully provide roughly 2000 packages for under five children in Sistan and Balouchestan province. Items included in these packages are: lentils, soy, oil, pasta, noodles, bottled water, ... .

This is a small step towards reaching a society of healthy and happy children across our country.

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