Women in business workshops
29 May 2020
Networking Events
29 May 2020

Speaker series

WEP arranges a Q & A session monthly, in which we invite some of our mentors or other successful experts in business, to have a panel discussion with participants on specific subjects such as leadership, marketing, and creativity.
In these sessions participants can have interactive discussion about their concerns and ask their questions.


• 1st Q & A: Mr. Sharif Nezam Mafi (Chairman of the Board at Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce), Ms. Aseyeh Hatami (CEO at IranTalent), Ms. Lena Vafaeyi (Founder of Peeyade startup), and Mr. Farid Shokrieh (CEO at Four Mind Advertising Agency) were our speakers in this panel.




• 2nd Q & A: Ms. Parva Soltani (CEO at Persol Co.), Ms. Aida Aboutorabi (CEO at ManaPayam Public Relations), Mr. Alireza Kolahi (Managing Director at Abhar Cable Co.), and Mr. Reza Ghiabi (Founder and Director of OppMakr Institute) were our speakers in this panel.


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