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Raise Her Voice

Raise Her Voice

WEP Network, the leading community of women at work at Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, announces the launch of its newest campaign in the honor of International Women’s Day, called Raise Her Voice: Untold Stories of Women in the Workplace, a special initiative focusing on the personal stories of women within the WEP community.

Women Entrepreneurship Program strive to present itself as a platform for well-deserved voices. Throughout February, Women and active allies will be encouraged to nominate themselves, or another woman in their life, to share their remarkable and compelling stories of triumph, tribulation, and adventure with others in our community. Through March, people who are part of the WEP community will be encouraged to share and vote on their favorite stories concentrating on business experiences. Women with the highest vote will be asked to speak at a “WEP Raise Her Voice story slam”.

Throughout Raise Her Voice initiative, WEP will provide opportunity for women to tell their stories in Iran throughout the Month of February.

“Throughout my work at WEP – meeting with members, attending events, educational Classes, I hear a lot of stories from women in the workforce. Stories about grit, innovation, failure and success. Every story makes me stronger”. Said Shirin Golkar, WEP Founding Director. “There is power in learning from others and even more power in having your voice heard and in knowing that there is space for your story. By sharing your voice, others will gain strength from you; your story matters whether you realize it or not.  We hope that through Raise Her Voice, more women will support each other and increasing change through storytelling”

To Nominate yourself or another woman in your life, please click on the below button.

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