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10 May 2021
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15 May 2021

New Collaboration Between the WEP and the Khane Emkan

Start a new collaboration between the Women Entrepreneurship Program and the Khane Emkan

The Women Entrepreneurship Program is proud to inform its audience that it has started a new partnership with one of its active and successful members in order to "develop social businesses".

The Khane Emkan is shaped by personal concerns and socio-cultural challenges and is in fact a framework of a social enterprise that, in addition to designing, developing, and implementing a social business project itself, provides services related to this It also offers the type of business.

Instructor of this course:
Ms. Amal Mousavi
Creator of the Khane Emkan
Social Entrepreneur
With about 25 years of experience in various industries in the field of sales and marketing
9 years of experience, research, and implementation with a focus on sustainable market development of companies

This course is suitable for people who are concerned with giving meaning to their professional life and creating a positive social impact on the environment in addition to profitability in their area of ​​importance.

For more information on "details" and to schedule, an "interview" please contact us via whatsapp 0912-121-6666
And for "registration" with the following number 0936-931-6468 Connect on WhatsApp.

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