Lead with WEP
11 July 2021
“Goal” & “Action” workshop
11 July 2021


Latest Course of
Vocational & Educational Training
*For students

Women Entrepreneurship Program within Iran/Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, has launched a new initiative, called "Lead with WEP" on July 2020.

The Vocational and Educational Training , aims to fill in the gap between universities and workforce and provide women and girls with better education, skills, and jobs post covid.
We train students by an 8-week educational course which consists of various soft and hard skills that each company needs its employee or intern, to have. This program is also designed to provide businesses and economy with the skilled labor needed to fulfil themillions of new roles that will be created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, shifts in the economy and industrial transitions towards sustainability.
After this 8-week educational training, students who are fully engaged and responsible will be chosen as an intern.The chosen students will have an opportunity to work as an intern in multinational companies and as a result of their high quality of work and responsibility, they might have a chance to be hired at these companies.
WEP also introduces these interns on its media platforms.
This is an exposure for them and beneficial for both companies and individuals.

Start: Oct 23, 2021

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