1 July 2021
11 July 2021

Lead with WEP

The Women Entrepreneurship Program within Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce has launched Lead with WEP, an initiative to provide women and girls with better education, skills, and jobs post Covid.

The platform has been designed to prepare the workforce with the skills needed to future-proof their careers against the expected displacement of millions of jobs and skills instability as a result of technological change. It is also designed to provide businesses and economy with the skilled labor needed to fulfil the millions of new roles that will be created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, shifts in the economy and industrial transitions towards sustainability.

“The best way to foster a more cohesive and inclusive society is to provide everybody with a decent job and income. Here at WEP, we are creating a public-private platform to give women and girls the skills they need in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The scale and urgency of this transformation calls for nothing short of a reskilling, said Ms. Golkar, Founding Director, Women Entrepreneurship Program.


In order to effect such systems-wide change, Lead with WEP will serve as a platform for connecting and coordinating individual initiatives within specific industries, organizations and schools.

In the private sector, a number of companies are already taking coordinated action on workforce transformations through cross-industry collaborations.


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