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7 April 2021
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12 April 2021

Call for submissions

Ph.D. Series

Invite to submit articles

The Women Entrepreneurship Program at the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce to all its audiences that it has launched a program called the "Ph.D. Series".

This program is a great opportunity for students who have completed their "PhD".

Through this platform, they can present their work to a wide audience in the business community.
This program can help them enter the job market and establish wider communication.

The Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP) at the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce invited academics and researchers from all over Iran to participate in the Ph.D. Series invites.

This collection requires the participation of researchers who have recently completed their doctoral dissertations in the fields
.Sustainable Development
.Financial department
.Commercial Affairs
Have defended history and so on.

We invite researchers who have recently defended or completed their doctoral dissertation.

After reviewing the articles, the summary will be published as a blog at
These publications will be published on social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram) of the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and in our newsletters.

Interested parties are invited to send the mentioned articles and appendices to the email address
Email Title: Ph.D. Series
Appendices include:
• The title of the doctoral dissertation
• Topic Summary
• Summary text for the blog post (up to 800 words)
If you need more information, you can contact the mentioned email.

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