Lida Sayahi-Digital marketing consultant
22 July 2021
The sixth legal meeting of 10 joint meetings
10 August 2021

Boot Camp



Growing an idea and turning it into a business is one of the challenges facing all idea owners. Definitely not the only requirement for starting a business is having an idea.
Resources for using new training methods, learning and institutionalizing skills in your team, supporting national and international business relations, etc., should have a tremendous impact on the success of your new business.
In The Women Entrepreneurship Program, we provide you with all these services and we are with you on the way to starting a new job.
Start of a new business skills training course: August 16th
Course duration: 1 month Number of sessions: 8 days and hours of class: Mondays 17:30 to 20:30 Friday 10 to 13 For more information, send a message to the following number in WhatsApp to contact you.
* It should be noted that all women will be interviewed before the start of the class.

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