Ghazaleh Soroush – Business Consulting and Product Design

Mohammad Ehsan Souri – Marketing and Business Consultant
29 May 2021
2-day training workshop “Communications in Crisis”
17 June 2021

Ghazaleh Soroush – Business Consulting and Product Design


Master of Business Administration

Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Design, University of Science and Technology

Work Experience

Product Manager/Designer - Noble Pixels (Canada)

Product Design Manager- Nizek (Kuwait)

Co-founder – SaazSaaz Startup

Product Designer and Co-Founder - Mashghool Startup

Product Designer – Simiaroom Startup

Product Manager – Simiasurprise Startup

Content Manager - NiNi kade Startup

Founder - Ahoo Design

Field of activities  

For Mature and Traditional Businesses:

Product Design

Form and Improve the Product Team Structure

Identify Weaknesses and Improve and Optimize the Current Product

Create, Train and Improve The Product Design processes

Digitize and Digital Transform of Existing product

Ideation and Creativity Advice

Content strategy

For Small and Medium sized enterprises: 

Develop ideas and create revenue streams and redesign business models

Optimize ideas and collaborate on product development

Ideation and creativity advice

Market entry

Improve and train the product design and development team

Investigate product market capabilities

Content strategy

Growth hacking strategies

Optimization of marketing channels

Customer retention strategies

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