SEO and content course
22 September 2021
29 September 2021

Design for Business

The initial impact of any brand or business depends on the image that is created in the minds of the audience through design.

We are proud to inform you of a course for
•Product designers
•Company managers
•Business owners
and all design enthusiasts.
This course provides business owners with basic concepts in DESIGN and
* prepares them for today's highly competitive environment *.

All women members can use the * special discount * to attend this workshop.

In this course, participants, will learn WHY they need to create a decent, creative and influential brand image and HOW to achieve their goals through this brand image.

Course Instructor: Mr. Behnam Nikfar Founder and CEO of "Insabk" startup

Insabk, space for discovering and ordering creative products.

For more information and registration , please send us a message to one of the numbers below.



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