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17 June 2021
Behrouz Pourkhorshidi – Designer and Developer of Technology Businesses
23 June 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

We’ve always believed that every day is a gift and an opportunity.
Each morning, we’re all given a new chance to use our time, talents, and resources to make something good happen – big or small.

At the Iran/Switzerland Chamber of Commerce (ISCC), our work is making the most of each day to create a culture of possibility in a world hungry for hope. It’s about building up, not tearing down. And it’s about the belief that complex challenges with several moving parts are best addressed by people with different skill sets and experiences who are inclined to work together.

Without safe water and sanitation, girls and women will not be safe, we will not end poverty, and precious time will continue to be lost on daily treks to find water and privacy.

We, at the ISCC, have chosen NAZDASHT village in Kerman Province, near Jaz Murian Lake.

These women are facing severe hygiene issues.

There are no standard toilets and bathrooms.

This furthers the spread of infectious diseases.

The ISCC has partnered with Yeki Hastim to ask our members and people around Iran to help raise money for this new campaign.

We all have a choice about how we will use our time – and if we decide to work together and make something positive happen each day, we will all find ourselves living in a better world.

Our Goal:
Budget for building
75 toilets
25 Bathrooms
15.371.500.000 IRR

We hope you’ll decide to be part of our progress at the ISCC for this campaign.

You can join this Campaign by selecting one of our Sponsorship Packages.

For more information about the “Campaign” and the “Packages” Contact us:

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