Consulting Department

Mohammad Ehsan Souri

Marketing and business consultant

PhD , Strategic Management , University of Tehran 

Business Analyst in EBCOM, Co-founder of Vaj Academy, Head of Market Research & Business Development in Refah Chain Stores Co. , Market Research Expert  in Booket Academy, Co-founder in Ratineh

Field of Activities: Marketing Strategy Plan , Marketing Campaign Design, Marketing Campaign Analysis, Business Planning, Startup Idea Generation Accompanied by Comprehensive Market Analysis, Diagnosis of Organizational Poor Performance, Organization Design


Ghazaleh Soroush

Business Consulting and Product Design

Master of Industrial Design, University of Science and Technology

Product Design Manager of Nizek (Kuwait), Product Manager/Designer of Noble Pixels (Canada), Co-founder of SaazSaaz Startup, Product Designer and Co-Founder of Mashghool Startup, Product Designer in Simiaroom Startup, Product Manager in Simiasurprise Startup, Content Manager in NiNi kade Startup, Founder of Ahoo Design

Field of Activities: Product Design , Form and Improve the Product Team Structure, Identify Weaknesses and Improve and Optimize The Current Product and etc..


Behrouz Pourkhorshidi

Designer and Developer of Technology Businesses

Master of Industrial Design

Former Senior Product Manager at Snapp, Founder of  Winkere and Majarajoor Startups, Senior Product Manager of Digital Products/Services in Several Successful Companies, Mentor and Coach at Demond and Trigup Accelerators

Field of Activities: Business Development for Online Startups, Design Consultant for Development of Digital Products/ Services , Agile Coach for Startups who Want to use agile Methodology, Brand Management, Digital Marketing,


Lida Sayahi

Digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing consultant and marketing coach at Atrin Farzan Avin, Digital marketing manager and shareholder at Home France Agency Immobilier in Iran and the Persian Gulf countries, Founder of the Digital Shift Solution, Digital marketing consultant, Collaboration with Khazar Holding to develop their activities in Arab countries, Digital marketing consultant and SEO optimization for Simorgh rope access company, SEO optimization at Cedar Hostel website, Digital marketing manager and editor in chief of travel magazine at Iran Doostan travel Agency, Digital marketing manager at Matinabad eco-camp

Field of activities: Digital marketing , Website / SEO optimization ,Website design, Consultant to set up a digital marketing department and team building, Content marketing, email marketing, social media, and online advertising such as Google Ads, Consultant in the field of digital marketing strategy

Shadi Parvaresh

Consultant and Performance Coaching

Master of Business Administration

Vice President of Mehrkam pars (Iran Khodro), Consultant of  Kowsar Agriculture Mechanization and Industrial Development Company, Quality Assurance Manager & Management Representative of Mehrkam pars,

Field of Activities: Consulting and Performance Coaching


SHANO Creative Agency

Advertising Agency

Collaboration with  : Kafe Tehroon, Bazar Sara, Cheraghan, Daryoush Real Estate Agent , Volet Beauty ، HORECA، Concept Store، MARINA KISH، LITHIUM Design & Structure ، ZIAFEH، MEZZA HOUSE، AHMADI HOME، SMORTT، JAJ Protein Market

Field of Activities: Setting up & developing business, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Design and Build a Visual Identity, Marketing, Photography and Advertising Teaser, Web Design Including: Rebranding, Brand Management


Yasaman Parandian

BSc in Computing from University of Portsmouth, UK

Web Designer- User Experience Designer
Field of Activities: Web Design & Development - User Experience (UX) Design


Behnam Nikfar

Strategy and Branding Consultant

Bachelor of Visual Communication

Founder & CEO Insabk, Product Design & Brand Strategy Leadership

Field of Activities: Product & Brand Design Strategy , Visual Identity Design, Branding



Legal Group

Legal Advisor

Contracting party with Iram Majid & Associates، Equilibrium، Bogicevic & Partners، Tuna Law Firm، Global Advocates، InterLegal Law Firm

Secretary-General of the International Law Exhibition of Iran at the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador of the London Court of Arbitration in Iran and …

Field of Activities: Contract Affairs, Registration Affairs, Patents and Copyrights, Domain name, Electronic Commerce, Resolve Disputes


Kasra Keyvanfar


CAE & CPE Certificate from University of Cambridge, Master of English Language and Literature

Official Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, More Than 12 Years of Teaching Experience: CPEBusiness English, IELTS - TOEFL - PTE KET - PET - FCE – CAE, Teacher Training Courses: TKT – Celta

Field of Activities: Teaching IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, DUOLINGO, Specialized and Academic Exams: GRE, GMAT, TOLIMO, EPT, General Tests: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE , Teacher Training Exams: TKT, CELTA, English Business Exams: BEC