Beginning of the “Coaching Department”

Awarding appreciation award to Mr. Koursh Akbari
19 June 2022
Lead with WEP and our business entrepreneurship graduates
2 July 2022

Beginning of the “Coaching Department”

Beginning of the "Coaching Department"
at Women Entrepreneurs Program in Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce

Introduced the Coaching Department with the Human Resources Managers of the Member Companies, by:

Ms. Shadi Parvaresh:
PCC Coach, ICF Membership Manager and Member of Iran Management Association

Ms. Negar Blourfroushan:
Nutritionist and Health Educator from the United States, Founder of the Shapers Diet Group

Mr. Akbar Gharib Nawaz: PCC coach, Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

at Iran Chamber of Commerce on
June 15

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