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Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP)

Student Membership


Annual Membership: 60.000.000 IRR

WEP student members will have the access to:

  1. WEP Student Members will have an access to a 3-month entrepreneurial course. In educational classes, we invite successful business men and women as mentors to teach business management tools to the participants. Our classes are practical and students can develop their own business plan during each semester.

             Participants will learn different skills including:

Market research, marketing, finance, sales, leadership, etc.

  1. WEP and ISCC networking events: You can freely use the POWER of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and WEP’s Network
  2. WEP workshops: You will have 50% discounts on all our workshops
    • Guest option will be available for all workshops by paying the registration fee.
  3. WEP Q & A sessions: Free access to all our Q & A sessions will be available for all our members
    • Guest option will be available for all Q & A sessions by paying the registration fee.
  4. Soon Launching Conferences, Forums, and Seminars: You will have discount on all our conferences, forums and seminars
  5. Webinars: WEP members will have discounts on all our webinars.

The below services also will be given to WEP student members:

  1. Opportunity to take part in our Pop-Up shop: Each quarter, WEP will hold a physical market for its members to promote their businesses.
  2. Opportunity to be placed in our online marketplace.
  3. Opportunity to show your art work at WEP ART CENTER
  4. At costs, technical and educational trips will be organized to Switzerland and other European countries
  5. Opportunity to introduce your successful business through our social media platform
  6. You can have one consultation session with our legal services company – for 2 hours
  7. Discounts on services through our partners
  8. Receiving WEP E-Newsletter


Become a Student Member